In the complex world of dairy farming, ensuring cows receive optimal nutrition is paramount to both their health and the quality of milk they produce. Dairy farmers from all around the world rely on a variety of nutritional products to enhance milk production and maintain the well-being of their cattle.

In this article, we explore the essential components of a dairy cow’s diet and focus on innovative products like the CAL+ calcium salt and P85+ palmitic acid supplements from FoodGrid that play a crucial role in ensuring the health of dairy cattle, maximizing milk yield and increasing butterfat production.

What do cows eat?

Cows are ruminant animals, which means they have a unique digestive system adapted to break down fibrous plant material.

Their diet primarily consists of:

  • Forage: Grasses, hay, and silage are staple components of a cow’s diet, providing essential fiber and nutrients.
  • Concentrates: These include grains such as corn, barley, and soybeans, which offer concentrated energy and protein.

Balancing these components ensures that cows receive adequate nutrition to support milk production, reproduction, and overall health. Key nutrients in their diet include carbohydrates, proteins, fats, vitamins, and minerals, each playing a vital role in maintaining a healthy herd.

Additionally, daily farmers should include some supplements in the diet of their dairy cattle. The importance of using supplements in a dairy cow’s diet cannot be overstated, as they help fill nutritional gaps that forage and concentrates alone might not cover, ensuring that cows receive all the necessary nutrients for optimal health and productivity. Dairy farmers should seek supplements that provide high-quality proteins, essential minerals, and vitamins, as well as energy-dense sources such as fats. These supplements, like CAL+ and P85+, are designed to enhance milk yield, improve reproductive health, and support overall growth and development. Proper supplementation helps in achieving higher milk fat content and better body condition scores, contributing to a more productive and profitable dairy operation.

Enhancing milk fat production with innovative nutrition products

CAL+ from FoodGrid

CAL+ calcium salt is a specialized rumen bypass fat designed to optimize milk yield in dairy cows. Produced in Malaysia under stringent GMP standards, CAL+ consists of calcium salts of long-chain fatty acids derived from natural, non-GMO palm fatty acid distillates. This unique formulation ensures that the fatty acids are not metabolized by rumen bacteria, allowing for efficient absorption in the cow’s small intestine.

Benefits of CAL+ include:

  • Increased milk yield: By providing a high-energy source (84% total fat), CAL+ boosts the energy density of the cow’s diet, thereby supporting higher milk production.
  • Improved body condition: Cows supplemented with CAL+ often show improved body condition, which is crucial for reproductive health and overall productivity.
  • Enhanced conception rates: Quicker recovery post-calving and improved fertility are observed, enabling cows to return to the milking herd faster after giving birth.

The proximity of our production facility to raw material sources ensures freshness and quality consistency in every batch of CAL+ produced, making it a preferred choice among dairy farmers globally.

P85+ from FoodGrid

P85+ palmitic acid is another key product in enhancing dairy cow diets, specifically formulated to provide supplemental fat with high metabolic energy content. Derived from pure vegetable fat, particularly palm oil, P85+ offers a rich source of long-chain saturated fatty acids that resist oxidation and maintain optimal rumen bypass qualities.

Key benefits of P85+ include:

  • Improved feed utilization: Cows consuming P85+ exhibit better feed conversion ratios, optimizing the efficiency of dietary nutrients.
  • Increased butterfat production: The unique fatty acid composition of P85+ has been shown to enhance butterfat content in milk, a critical factor in dairy product quality.
  • Enhanced palatability: High fat content in P85+ enhances feed intake and promotes weight gain, contributing to overall herd health and productivity.

Produced in our state-of-the-art facilities, P85+ ensures reliability, safety, and consistency in its nutritional profile, meeting the rigorous standards required by dairy farmers worldwide.


In conclusion, the nutrition of dairy cows is a complex but crucial aspect of modern dairy farming. Products like CAL+ and P85+ from FoodGrid represent a complete and innovative solution designed to optimize milk production and milk butterfat content while maintaining the health and well-being of dairy cows. By carefully balancing their diets with forages, concentrates, and specialized nutritional supplements, farmers can ensure their cows remain healthy, productive, and profitable contributors to the global dairy industry.

Our commitment to quality, sustainability, and nutritional excellence goes hand in hand with providing effective solutions that meet the evolving needs of dairy farmers and end users across diverse global markets. As the industry continues to advance, these products will play an increasingly vital role in shaping the future of dairy farming, promoting efficiency, sustainability, and profitability for farmers worldwide.