Calcium Salt

CAL+ is a reacted rumen bypass fat which is digested in the lower stomach of a cow to optimize higher milk yield. CAL+ is tailored specifically for ruminants where there is a requirement for high energy and nutrition supplement during lactation of high producing dairy cows and in the promotion of growth in young animals, without interfering with rumen microbial activities. Our products are produced according to GMP standards containing ISO 14001, 22000 certificates.

CAL+ is produced in our flag ship plant in Malaysia. Our raw materials including the palm fatty acid distillates sources are analyzed carefully at every batch ensuring tiptop quality. The close proximity of our factory to the sources of the raw materials means that CAL+ is the freshest calcium salt in the market.

CAL+ consists of calcium salts of long chain fatty acids, made from natural and non-GMO processed fatty acid distillate of palm reacted with calcium. Dairymen utilize this high energy source coupled with its low cost as cheap energy source alternative. The calcium bonding with fatty acids prevents the product from being reacted upon by the rumen bacteria thereby providing the crucial “rumen bypass” step ensuring a healthy and efficient intestinal digestion and absorption of clean nutrients.

CAL+ is used typically as a supplemental fat (84% total fat) source for energy resulting in higher energy density of the cow diet. The following are the true benefits of Calcium Salt: costs savings at lower upfront cost, increased volume of total milk, increase in body condition, increased conception rates where cows breed back quicker thus moving into the milk heard after freshening quicker.