Supply Chain Visibility

At FoodGrid we have integrated a strategic operating system that powers our entire supply chain in a transparent, agile, accountable and more profitable manner. This means a more reliable supply chain that delivers to you on time and provides you with peace of mind. We have integrated cutting edge technology tracking every shipment that leaves our manufacturing facilities from the port of origin all the way to the destination port, to our warehouses and including every truck that delivers our shipments safely and on time to our customers and end users. We track every shipment in real-time across the globe.

Our global trade brings together technology, infrastructure and expertise to deliver real-time visibility and control so our customers get their product delivered when they need it. We have a 24/7/365 support, where we can track every shipment through our operating team enabling greater business agility helping to drive business growth.

In addition, we have also integrated a sustainable carbon neutral program to offset carbon emissions from cargo shipments. When containers sail underutilized, the cargo within them impacts carbon emissions. With data-driven matching capabilities, container utilization is maximized, and every container is carbon offset through one of our carriers certified offset projects.