Palmitic Acid

P85+ is used as a higher energy source for supplemental fat in the dairy cow diet. It is made from pure vegetable fat that contains high concentration of metabolic energy and digestibility. P85+ is derived through a natural and non-genetically modified processes from palm oil raw material. Our products are produced according to GMP standards containing ISO 14001, 22000 certificates.

Our production facilities are located in South East Asia and India with the highest modern technology which ensures a reliable, safe and homogenous production. Doing so we are able to give our customers a cost-effective source of energy with an important nutritional profile as well as physiological and health benefits which are vital for the cattle diet.

P85+ consists of long-chain saturated fatty acids which is resistant to fast oxidation. The high melting point and optimal fatty acid composition gives our product high rumen bypass qualities and the ability to be absorbed in the small intestine efficiently. The higher fat content in palmitic acid offers palatability and feed utilization which optimizes feed conversion ratio and has been shown to increase butterfat production in dairy cows. It has also been shown to improve feed intake and weight gain in cattle diet over time.

Recommended use: 0.25 to 1.25 lbs per diary cow per day. Mixes well with common feed P85+ is delivered as dried prills in Bags 55.12 lbs (25kg) and Totes 1433lbs (650kg).

Shelf life on P85+ is 12 months from the date of production. The product must be stored in dry, clean storage conditions in temperatures not exceeding 110°F max to avoid the risk of oxidation.