Quality Control

FoodGrid acts on the belief that quality control is the single most important part of our job.

Our Quality Control department supervises our products from beginning to end. Our QA & QC are involved throughout our supply chain from the sourcing of raw materials, manufacturing, packaging, shipping, warehousing, and temperature control to ensure the product is at the utmost quality when it reaches our customers facilities.

At FoodGrid, quality control and safety for our consumers is always our utmost priority. Our team consistently reviews manufacturing processes and SOP to establish a strict quality assurance process that is safe for our products and end users.

Our commitments to ensure quality and food safety include:

  1. Ensuring that our products are manufactured with quality control measures that produce quality products and comply with food safety protocol.
  2. Building trust among our customers to offer quality products and exceptional service throughout our supply chain.
  3. Fully supporting our customers with meeting quality assurance objectives.
  4. Understanding and implementing new food safety protocol and regulations as our industry evolves.
  5. Making quality assurance of high importance and a company wide objective.

Our quality control team is standing by to help in any way they can, you can count on us to solve any problem or create any solution big or small.