About us

FoodGrid specializes in producing, formulating and distributing oils and vegetable based products. Our global trading activity ranges from North America, South America, Europe, South East Asia, India and the Caribbean’s. Our vast experienced personnel and years of expertise in the industry have put us at the forefront of creating valuable solutions in the food industry. We pride ourselves on our service, logistics, products and marketing support we give each and every one of our partners, distributors and customers.

Our product lines include healthy and natural alternative solutions for the food industry. Our supply chain of 7 manufacturers well positioned globally embody the reliability and flexibility that our consumers demand. We have developed synergies in R&D, Compliance Standards, Sustainability and Traceability, Logistical Support and most importantly Quality Control. Doing so has enabled us to monitor and control the very source of our raw materials all the way to our manufacturing, packaging and distribution processes ensuring every product that leaves our facilities meets our high standards.

Our resilient leadership team has long been pushing the industry into the future. Our team member’s experiences have touched nearly all facets of the industry from grain milling and refining to operating logistics and distribution channels. Our gold standard is to deliver superior and consistent quality, exceptional service and an excellent price-value for all our products.