Using quality animal nutrition products is essential for maintaining the health and productivity of dairy cows. These products are specifically designed to meet the nutritional requirements of dairy cows and provide them with essential vitamins, minerals, and other nutrients that they may not be able to obtain from their regular diet. High-quality animal nutrition products can improve milk yield, increase fertility and ensure the overall health and well-being of dairy cows.

Calcium is a vital mineral for the nutrition and overall health of dairy cows. It plays a crucial role in milk production, reproductive performance and the overall health of the animals. Dairy farmers need to ensure that their cows receive adequate calcium intake in their diet to avoid several problems, such as reduced milk yield, milk fever and reduced reproductive performance.

Some of the most important benefits of including calcium salt supplements in the diet of dairy cows include:


  1. Improved milk production

One of the primary benefits of using calcium salt supplements is improved milk production. Calcium is essential for milk synthesis, and cows that do not get enough calcium may experience reduced milk production. Calcium salts of long-chain fatty acids (CaLCFA) have been shown to improve milk yield by up to 10%. These supplements are easily digested and provide a concentrated source of energy that can be used to boost milk production. Additionally, CaLCFA supplements have been shown to increase milk fat content, which can lead to higher milk prices for farmers.


  1. Overall health benefits

Supplementing the diet of dairy cows with calcium salts has several benefits for their overall health. Calcium is involved in many physiological processes in dairy cows, including muscle function and bone development. Adequate calcium intake is essential for developing strong bones, which can reduce the risk of fractures and lameness, as well as reducing the risk of digestive problems.


  1. Reproductive Benefits

Calcium is also important for reproductive functions such as follicle development, ovulation and embryo implantation. Supplementing the diet of dairy cows with calcium salts reduces the risk of reproductive problems and improves fertility. Studies have shown that cows supplemented with CaLCFA have higher conception rates and shorter calving intervals than cows that are not supplemented with calcium.


  1. Reduced risk of metabolic disorders

Metabolic disorders such as hypocalcemia and ketosis are common in dairy cows, especially during peak lactation. Hypocalcemia, also known as milk fever, is a condition that occurs when cows do not get enough calcium to meet their needs. It can lead to muscle weakness, reduced milk production, and in severe cases, even death. Ketosis is a metabolic disorder that occurs when cows are unable to metabolize enough energy to meet their needs. This can lead to reduced milk production, reduced reproductive performance and other health problems. Supplementing the diet of dairy cows with calcium salts ensures that they have enough calcium to meet their needs and reduce the risk of these metabolic disorders.


Ensuring optimal calcium intake in dairy cows

To ensure appropriate amounts of quality calcium for their dairy cows, farmers can include calcium salt supplements in their diet. An excellent choice is our CAL+ calcium salt supplement, which consists of calcium salts of long-chain fatty acids. It is made from natural and non-GMO processed fatty acid distillate of palm reacted with calcium. The supplement is easily digestible and provides a concentrated source of energy that can be used to boost milk production while improving overall animal health.


This high quality CAL+ calcium salt supplement provides several benefits to dairy farmers. It results in cost savings at a lower upfront cost, an increase in the volume of total milk, an increase in body condition and increased conception rates. These benefits result in cows moving back into the milk herd quicker.

CAL+ is a type of rumen bypass fat that is designed to be digested in the lower stomach of cows, optimizing milk yield. It is specifically formulated for ruminants, providing a high-energy and nutrient supplement for lactating dairy cows and promoting growth in young animals. Importantly, CAL+ does not interfere with rumen microbial activities, which are essential for the cow’s digestive health. With its tailored design and targeted benefits, CAL+ is a valuable tool for dairy farmers looking to optimize the health and productivity of their herd.

In conclusion, it is clear that quality animal nutrition products play a critical role in maintaining the health and productivity of dairy cows. Adequate calcium intake is particularly important for these animals, as it supports many physiological processes, including milk production, reproductive function and overall health. The use of calcium salt supplements such as CAL+ provides several benefits to dairy farmers, including increased milk yield, improved fertility and reduced risk of metabolic disorders. By using high-quality animal nutrition products such as CAL+, dairy farmers can ensure the optimal health and performance of their cows, resulting in significant benefits for their business.