Dairy farming is a critical sector of agriculture that plays a pivotal role in meeting the world’s growing demand for milk and dairy products. In the pursuit of higher milk production, farmers continually explore various strategies and supplements to enhance the performance of their dairy cattle. One such promising addition to the dairy cow’s diet is calcium salt.

But let’s see what calcium salt is, how it can benefit dairy cattle, and why including it in their diet is a wise choice for dairy farmers.

What is calcium salt?

Before diving into the benefits of calcium salt for dairy cattle, it’s essential to understand what calcium salt is. Calcium salt is a chemical compound formed when calcium reacts with various acids. It is commonly used by farmers as a calcium supplement to improve the overall health and productivity of dairy cattle.

Calcium is a vital mineral for cows as it plays a crucial role in various physiological processes, such as bone development, muscle contraction, nerve function, and milk production. While calcium is naturally present in the diet of dairy cattle through forages and grains, supplementing their diet with calcium salt can provide several advantages.

How does calcium salt benefit dairy cattle?

Firstly, calcium is essential for the proper functioning of a dairy cow’s mammary glands. These glands are responsible for milk synthesis, and adequate calcium levels are necessary for the production of milk. Calcium salt supplementation ensures that cows have the necessary calcium levels to support optimal milk production.

Calcium also plays a critical role in reproductive processes. Dairy cows require an adequate supply of calcium to maintain their reproductive health, to ensure successful conception and thus more consistent breeding and calving cycles.

Milk fever, or hypocalcemia, is a common metabolic disorder in dairy cows that occurs around calving. It can lead to muscle weakness, decreased feed intake, and, in severe cases, paralysis. Calcium salt supplementation before calving helps prevent the onset of milk fever by ensuring that cows have sufficient calcium reserves.

Because calcium is a fundamental component of bones, dairy cows require it not only for milk production but also for maintaining a strong bones. Calcium salt supplementation can help prevent bone-related issues and lameness in dairy cattle.

Adequate calcium levels support a cow’s immune system, making them less susceptible to diseases and infections. Dairy cows with stronger immune systems are more likely to remain healthy and productive.

Calcium salt is often used to balance the calcium-to-phosphorus ratio in dairy cattle diets. An imbalanced ratio can lead to decreased calcium absorption, affecting overall health and milk production. Calcium salt helps maintain the ideal calcium-to-phosphorus ratio, promoting better nutrient utilization.

Benefits for dairy farmers and end-users

Incorporating calcium salt into the diet of dairy cattle offers a multitude of benefits for both the farmers, too:

Increased milk yield: The most significant advantage of using calcium salt is the boost it provides to milk production. Higher milk yields translate to increased revenue for dairy farmers.

Better reproductive performance: Dairy cattle with optimal calcium levels are more likely to have regular estrus cycles and successful pregnancies, leading to a more predictable calving schedule and a larger herd.

Reduced veterinary costs: Preventing conditions like milk fever and lameness through calcium salt supplementation reduces the need for costly veterinary interventions, ultimately saving farmers money.

Enhanced cow welfare: By promoting the overall health of their herd, farmers can ensure their animals lead comfortable lives, which is not only ethical but also beneficial for milk production.

Sustainability: Maximizing milk production per cow reduces the environmental impact of dairy farming, making it a more sustainable practice.

Increased profitability: When all these advantages come together, dairy farmers can expect increased profitability, making calcium salt supplementation a smart investment.

Why choose CAL+ calcium salt from FoodGrid?

Dairy farmers seeking to enhance the nutrition of their cattle and boost milk yield should undoubtedly choose CAL+ from FoodGrid as their preferred calcium salt supplement. CAL+ stands out as a superior choice due to its unique characteristics tailored for ruminants. This reacted rumen bypass fat is ingeniously designed to optimize milk production by being digested in the lower stomach of cows, without disrupting essential rumen microbial activities.

CAL+ is composed of calcium salts of long-chain fatty acids, derived from natural and non-GMO processed palm fatty acid distillates. Dairy farmers benefit from this high-energy, cost-effective source, as the calcium-fatty acid bond ensures it bypasses the rumen, promoting efficient intestinal digestion and nutrient absorption. The advantages of CAL+ are manifold: cost savings with a lower upfront investment, increased total milk volume, improved body condition, and enhanced conception rates. Cows breed back quicker, allowing them to rejoin the milking herd promptly after freshening.

With CAL+ from FoodGrid, dairy farmers can trust in a reliable, high-quality calcium salt supplement that not only bolsters milk production but also promotes overall herd health and economic efficiency.


In conclusion, calcium salt is a powerful addition to the diet of dairy cattle that offers a plethora of benefits for both the animals and the farmers. It enhances milk production, improves reproductive health, prevents common metabolic disorders, and promotes overall cow well-being. It’s not just a supplement; it’s a wise choice for dairy farmers looking to optimize their dairy production and the health of their cattle.


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